Power of the DAWside: Writing Directly Into Your DAW

The last couple of decades have seen the rise of mixing In-The-Box, or, using a digital audio workstation to do all the audio processing for a project. Why is this so important? 

When we think about writing or producing music, we tend to think about the traditional methods: notating our music, booking studio time, etc. 

But instead of using these time-tested traditional method, I want to make the case to you of composing directly into your DAW. The reason? 

Say you're writing a song, one you want to release at some point. What better way to get started than writing your song DIRECTLY into your DAW. By doing this, you actually save A TON of time, because you are starting the recording process as soon as you start writing. 

Check out the video:


There are so many reasons why this is a great idea, but my favorite is this: 

When you write or compose directly into your DAW you have the opportunity to start arranging your song and can very quickly determine what you want the song to sound like--or not sound like! 

Maybe that lead part you wrote over the chorus sounds great in your head, but doesn't pan out in the recording. Imagine writing an entire song like this and then going into the studio and realizing that it doesn't work? 


Will you take the step to start composing directly into your DAW? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading! 


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