Power of the DAWside: Virtual Drummer in Logic Pro

Last time, I showed you guys why it's helpful to arrange your music within your DAW of choice. So in that same vein, I want to talk about Logic's Virtual Drummer and how it can help you realize your musical vision much quicker. 

 I just read a great article over at The Recording Revolution, where Graham called a home studio the ULTIMATE SONGWRITING TOOL. I could not agree more with that sentiment. In fact, I've literally done all of my writing in my home studio. Here's an example, one that Graham uses in his article: 

 Say you just finished recording the guitar parts to a song you're riding. But you don't really have any ideas for any drum parts. Well, thankfully, in any DAW, there are a set of virtual instruments and/or samples you can just pull up and start programming a beat. 

But, I want to make it even easier for you. And Logic helps us to do that with Virtual Drummer. 

Check out the Power of the DAWside:


With Virtual Drummer, or any similar plugin, you can literally write fairly complex drum parts for your song and have it sound absolutely fantastic. The only actual limitation is that you can only use Logic's stock drum samples, which are by far not the worst, but also not the best. 

What do you think of Virtual Drummer? Have you ever used it? 

Let me know in the comments! 



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