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From Writing to Mastering: Producing Your Own Music 

Hey guys! 

Yesterday, as the New Year came rolling in, I officially released my debut solo EP called Vision Never Dies. It is a big deal for me, as I have never really released music as a recording artist before, though not for years of pining over such a dream. 

The crazy thing about this EP is that I did it all myself, from writing to mastering; all the parts, the instrumentation, the recordings, performances, editing, mixing, and mastering, all done in-house in my home studio. In a way, it was the…

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Power of the DAWside: Compression Basics 

Compressors are one of the most utilized pieces of gear/plugins in audio engineering. So how can we use that to make our songs sound better? 

I really like Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution's way of talking about compressors. He says that their basically a "smart volume fader" and that's exactly right. It's actually really simple, which is confusing for such a widely-used tool, at least for me when I was starting out. 

Today's video takes a look at the stock Logic Pro X compressor and how to get…

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