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From Writing to Mastering: Producing Your Own Music 

Hey guys! 

Yesterday, as the New Year came rolling in, I officially released my debut solo EP called Vision Never Dies. It is a big deal for me, as I have never really released music as a recording artist before, though not for years of pining over such a dream. 

The crazy thing about this EP is that I did it all myself, from writing to mastering; all the parts, the instrumentation, the recordings, performances, editing, mixing, and mastering, all done in-house in my home studio. In a way, it was the…

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Power of the DAWside: Make EQ Work For You 

An EQ can and usually is the single most powerful tool in any DAW. That's why there are stock EQs in the first place! If there weren't, they wouldn't come with literally every DAW, free or paid. 

So what does it really do? How can you use it to your advantage? Here's a quick tutorial on the EQ that comes with Logic Pro X, what it's features are, and what it can do for your tunes. 

Check out the video:


A well equalized mix can literally make or break it. We use these tools to shape the sound so that we…

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