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Using 9 Chords 

What if I told you that there was a special kind of chord you could use to give your music an extra sense of depth in the writing? If you went to a music school, or have extensive musical training, then you already know what I'm talking about. For those who don't, this is for you: 

So when I say "9 chord" what exactly do I mean? Well, it's definitely a chord. And we know what that is, even if we're a beginner. So we're already half done! AWESOME. 

But what about the "9"? What does that mean? To make…

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Power of the DAWside: Arranging 

I know this may seem super obvious to some of you, but it wasn't always to me. Using your DAW--digital audio workstation--to arrange your music is one of the most, if not THE MOST important part of the production. Here's why: 

Imagine you spent the big bucks, or even the small bucks, on recording a song that wasn't well arranged. And when something isn't well-arranged, it's pretty easy to tell. If when listening to music, you've caught yourself saying something along the lines of: 

"Man, this song sounds…

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