Mix Reel

My goal is to make amazing music with amazing artists. But sometimes it can be stressful. I want to help you make releasing your tunes fun and easy with stress-free mixing, mastering, and recording. 

Please take a listen and contact me to schedule a FREE 30-min Consultation so we can let everyone else hear the awesomeness that's in your head! 

Rocks and metals

This is my specialty, where much of my passion tends to lie. Here you will find face-melting solos, chugging riffs, heavy bass, and pounding drums that can add a heavy brutality to your next project. 

Electronic and atmostpheric

Sweet Synths, searing pads, and powerful drum samples add just the right atmosphere and mood you need. Based in music theory, these pieces offer a sense of musicality which is not always present in other electronic works.

Orchestral and chamber

All your classical needs are addressed here; strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion can help to create a powerful experience for any emotion and any medium.