Hey guys! My name is Avi and I am an Educator, Composer, Musician, and Audio Engineer from Port Washington, NY. Producing mainly rock, metal, and punk tracks, I am a classically trained composer, orchestrator, and arranger, and also enjoy composing and scoring in various other genres and styles. 

From grade school to college, music has always been part of my life. Writing and performing with many groups and ensembles throughout my career; I won three awards for excellence in composition, performance, and scholarship, respectively. What sets me apart is my aptitude for empathy. Other instructors and composers just will not go to the lengths to connect with you in a meaningful way like I will. 

Currently, I am focusing on expanding my client and student base. So hit me up and lets get a conversation started! 

I also produce a political blog–and soon to be podcast–called Americans Enlightened, and have a kickass metal band called Vision Never Dies.


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