Mae Govannen

Well-met! I'm Avi; composer, songwriter, and audio engineer extraordinaire! (Was that lame? That seemed kind of lame...okay, let's try again...

Hi, I'm Avi and I love writing and producing rock and metal well as classical and electronic compositions. (Eh, better...)

Take a look around my site to learn more about me. There some cool stuff going on; but what I'm really interested is YOU. Clearly, you've got some sweet shit happening and you saw me around doing my thing and thought, "Hey this guy also has some sweet shit happening; maybe we could make sweet shit happen together?"

Clearly, great minds think alike.

So I'll make it super easy for you: Sign up below or by hitting the big-ass bold letters and reply to the confirmation email to set up a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION on how I can help elevate your next project.

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Sweet shit

My goal is to make amazing music with amazing people. But sometimes it can be stressful. I want to help you make crafting tunes fun and easy with stress-free composition, recording, mixing, mastering, and recording.

Please take a listen and contact me to schedule a FREE 30-min Consultation so we can let everyone else hear the awesomeness that's in your head! Also, there's even more sweet shit over at the Music & Audio page :) 

My band Vision Never Dies just released a new single on iTunesSpotify!