Guitar & Songwriting Instruction

My name’s Avi and I’m committed to getting you to rock your heart out as quickly as possible. My goal is to guide my clients and cultivate their interest in music into a life-long passion. 

Classically trained with a degree in Music Composition from CUNY City College of New York, I've been teaching for over 10 years!  

My approach is personalized for every student and their specific style and pace of learning. 

Lessons revolve around fun and laughter. We tend to remember things that make us laugh, so it’s my goal to make this learning music as fun as possible. 

Here are some of the concepts I can teach you: 

  • Developing Technique 
  • Practical Music Theory 
  • Reading Tabs and Music Notation 
  • Improvisation 
  • Developing A Personal Style and Sound 
  • Lead Guitar and Soloing (legato, sweep & tremolo Picking) 
  • How To Write A Riff 
  • Developing Your Ear 
  • Creating A Quick And Effective Practice Routine 
  • Songwriting and Arranging 
  • Basic Recording, Mixing, and Mastering 

Styles of music: 

  • Rock 
  • Metal 
  • Punk 
  • Classical (composition and theory) 
  • Blues 

If you have any questions or even just want to say "what up", use the form on the CONTACT page to reach out! 

There, I can give you personalized answers to start you on your journey to becoming the musician you want to be!

Composition & Production

My goal is to make amazing music with amazing people. But sometimes it can be stressful. I want to help you make crafting tunes fun and easy with stress-free composition, recording, mixing, mastering, and recording.

Please take a listen and contact me to schedule a FREE 30-min Consultation so we can let everyone else hear the awesomeness that's in your head! Also, there's even more over at the Music & Audio page :)